Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Updates on Experimenting with Eeba

so far it has already been like 5 days since the paycheck...

let's look at how the budget goes...

some bills have already been paid, well..i haven't paid my digi bills yet n that's why the rm58 is still there,

done with fueling up the tank last week so there goes my rm50,

tolls still unused..

personal thingy...yup used some...bought 2 pairs of on-sale shoes when i was in Sogo last saturday...hee... well rm478 down to rm421...that will be like  approximately rm57 being used in 5 days...not so boros la kan...::PP..

n i really hope i could save that  'particular' amount this respective month...as i have some sort of agenda by the end of the year later...ting ting...

sooooo.. all in all,i think im doin' kinda fine with the budget at the moment larrrr it's only been 5 days for god's sake ...whatever....yeayyyyy!

Cik Puan Peah